LSD overdose led to music festival death

Baylee Ybarra Gatlin

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department determined a 20-year-old Ventura woman who died at Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton in May after attending a music festival had overdosed on LSD.

On May 28, emergency medical personnel transported Ventura College student Baylee Ybarra Gatlin from a music festival at Lake San Antonio to the Templeton hospital. About 25,000 people attended the three-day music festival known as Lightning in a Bottle.

Lightning in a Bottle’s website acknowledges drug use occurs at the event and says a variety of safety protocols are in place in order to reduce harm.

“The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and founders of the event, The Do LaB, have built a great relationship over the years to provide safety and security for the attendees and staff,” the sheriff’s Facebook page says.