Police investigate Lompoc mayor for finger gun

Mayor Bob Lingl

Following a complaint from a councilman’s wife that the mayor had threatened her husband with a finger gun, Lompoc police mounted an investigation that led police to determine no crime had been committed.

On July 21, Councilman Jim Mosby and Mayor Bob Lingl were at the city’s Old Town Market booth. Mosby was talking to a Santa Barbara County Association of Governments leader and Lingl was chatting with an unidentified man.

In response to a question, Mayor Lingl allegedly moved his fingers to replicate a gun, turned toward Mosby and said, “I’d like to shoot this guy in the head.”

Mosby found the comment concerning.

“Are you kidding me?” Mosby responded. “There are just some things you don’t do, especially in these times.”

Mosby’s wife, Audrey Mosby, began posting about the incident on Facebook and later asked her husband to file a police report. Then after a short investigation, officers determined pointing a finger gun is not a crime.