KPRL no longer covering Bearcat football games

After 50 years of broadcasting Paso Robles High School Bearcat football games, KPRL will no longer carry the games following a disagreement with Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Superintendent Chris Williams

In June, Williams decided to start charging $100 for radio stations to cover Bearcat football games. He then asked KPRL and KJUG to place bids in a sealed envelope for space in the press box, with failure to submit a bid by June 27 resulting in a $1,000 fee per game.

Neither station sent in a bid. Instead, KPRL will carry Templeton High School football games. KJUG will carry Atascadero High School. As is the practice throughout the county, neither Atascadero or Templeton schools charge radio stations to broadcast their games.

Several years ago, KJUG showed interest in broadcasting from the booth prompting Williams to initiate a bidding process, according to Williams. Williams is now considering having the school live stream the games.

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One Comment about “KPRL no longer covering Bearcat football games”

  1. MikeB says:

    This seems like a rather silly decision on part of Williams. What is the rationale? Broadcasting the football games clearly brings goodwill and positive public relations to the high school and its athletes. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Will Williams start charging KSBY for shooting and airing some game highlights from the sidelines? Where will craziness end?

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