Cal Poly journalism grad arrested

Steffan Tubbs

Cal Poly journalism graduate Steffan Tubbs was arrested for domestic violence on Sunday, according to the Denver Police Department said.

After leaving the Central Coast, Tubbs was a national radio anchor for ABC and Fox News. For more than 11 years, Tubbs has been a regular fixture on the KOA’s morning news show in Denver.

Shortly before 10 a.m., Denver police arrested Tubbs, 48, for allegedly harassing his victim over a Phone. He has been charged with domestic violence, disturbance via phone.

“She’s inside the apartment. He does have a conceal and carry permit, usually keeps a 9-millimeter in his car,” a dispatcher said.

Colorado is a mandatory arrest state for domestic violence suspects.

“Certainly saying terrible and harassing things to somebody via text message could be disturbance by telephone. It’s difficult to know the exact words based on the arrest alone. But certainly this was not a friendly hello,” said legal expert David Beller to Fox 31.