Jail staff laughed after Holland died

Andrew Holland

In another claim against the San Luis Obispo County Jail, a woman repeats allegations that jail staffed laughed and joked after a mentally ill man died on the concrete floor of a jail cell.

Days before the county announced a $5 million settlement to the family of Andrew Holland, a man who died a torturous death in the county jail, Sherry Roy, 52, filed a claim against the county. Roy alleges guards locked her in a jail cell and ordered her to clean up the blood, urine and feces in the cell where Holland had been strapped naked in a restraint chair for more than 46 hours. During that time, guards did not release Holland to use the restroom.

After almost two full days in the restraint chair, guards turned the restraint chair over and dumped Holland on the ground before they moved Holland to a neighboring cell.

When Roy arrived at the cell, “the smell of human waste was overwhelming,” the complaint says. Aside from rubber gloves, Roy wasn’t provided any “protective clothing.”

Guards had Roy wait outside the cell while they removed the restraint chair so the Roy could clean the cell floor.

In the neighboring cell, Roy spotted what she thought was a dead body. Holland “was naked laying crumpled on the floor,” according to the complaint. A guard told Roy that Holland was “holding his breath,” the claim says.

After Holland’s death was confirmed, Roy watched jail staff “laughing and talking despite the dead man who lay in the cell.”

Roy’s complaint alleges false imprisonment, torture, intentional infliction of emotional distress and abuse of power under the color of authority. Roy is seeking damages in excess of $25,000.

County Counsel Rita Neal did not respond to requests for comment.