Bicyclist killed, hit-and-run driver arrested

One person is in jail and another is dead following a hit-and-run collision in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday night.

Shortly before midnight, a driver of a four-door sedan was headed eastbound on Foothill Boulevard near Ferrini Road. The driver then crashed into and killed a man on a bicycle who was headed in the same direction.

Following the deadly crash, the driver fled the scene. Witnesses reported that there were two young women in the sedan, which sustained major front end damage.

An arrest has since been made. The police department has not yet released the names of the suspect or the victim.

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One Comment about “Bicyclist killed, hit-and-run driver arrested”

  1. William J Sidis says:

    Exactly why I don’t ride my road bike anymore. But, I for SURE wouldn’t be riding it in the dark. This very easily could have been the bicyclist’s fault and the driver of the vehicle blew it and took off…you never know.

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