Carl’s Jr. in Nipomo closed after mouse sighting

A South County woman’s complaints about a mouse scampering though the salsa bar of the Nipomo Carl’s Jr. on Sunday led to the restaurant.

Jennifer Colman snapped a photo of the mouse and then informed restaurant employees about the possible health issue. Several employees ignored Colman’s concerns, so she reported the rodent to the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department and the Carl’s Jr. corporation, Coleman said on Facebook.

“There was an employee on their break right by the bar and while I was pointing and saying mouse they didn’t seem to care,” Colman wrote. “The manager just looked and didn’t seem to care either. So gross!”

County staffers inspected the restaurant on Monday, but found no signs of a rodent infestation. Nevertheless, Carl’s Jr.s’ corporate office decided to temporally close the restaurant while they deal with the mouse.

“We are aware of the image posted online. Carl’s Jr. takes its commitment to food safety and quality seriously,” Carl’s Jr. said in a statement. “Although the restaurant passed a health inspection this morning, we decided to proactively close the restaurant today while further corrective action is taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We apologize to our customers for any concern this has caused.”

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