Orange County counterfeiters arrested in SLO

San Luis Obispo police officers arrested three Orange County men Friday on suspicion of manufacturing and passing counterfeit $100 bills.

On Thursday evening, an employee of the Vons Grocery Store on Broad Street called police to report two counterfeit $100 bills had been used to pay for $200 worth of miscellaneous gift cards. A short time later, employees of the Chevron Gas Station on Monterey Street reported a customer had used a counterfeit $100 bill to buy scratch off lottery tickets.

Officers then viewed surveillance videos from both locations and determined the suspects were the same.

On Friday, the same men purchased items at the Rite Aid on Foothill Boulevard using two counterfeit $100 dollar bills. The store manager described to police in detail the vehicle the suspects were driving.

A short time later, officers located the vehicle at a motel in the city of San Luis Obispo. As officers were attempting to contact the suspects at their motel room, the men began throwing evidence out of the rear window of the room.

During their investigation, officers found evidence of counterfeiting materials, counterfeit manufacturing equipment and merchandise purchased with counterfeit money.

Officers then booked Nathan Dunhoff, 33, Jason Provence, 44 and Tyler Morris, 23 into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on multiple charges including counterfeiting, conspiracy, burglary and forgery. The three are each being held in lieu of $25,000 bail.

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