Cambria CSD may give health insurance to board members

Acting on a proposal made by two of its own, the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors may award itself health insurance plans.

The plans would come at an estimated cost to the district of between $35,000 to $93,000 annually. The fluctuation in the cost is largely due to the CSD directors weighing whether to just award themselves health insurance or whether to give themselves health insurance policies for two people or even family plans.

If the board were to vote for individual plans, it would cost the district an estimated $35,394 a year. Two-person plans would cost the district an estimated $70,989 a year, and family plans would cost an estimated $92,682 annually.

The estimated annual costs to the individual board members would be $1,253, $2,505 and $3,271 respectively. Currently, the district employs a policy of paying 85 percent of the cost of its staffers’ health premiums, and district staff recommends doing the same for board members.

The CSD-funded health insurance could even be extended to retired board members, according to a district staff report. The report states that CSD directors should provide direction regarding the eligibility of retired board members for health plans.

It is unclear if district staff factored in health benefits for retired board members in the cost estimates. An actuarial analysis of board member health care plans is still needed.

The plan to award health insurance to CSD directors was crafted by Board President Amanda Rice and Vice President Greg Sanders. Last month, Sanders announced he is resigning from his seat on the Cambria board, effective Oct. 31.

On Sept. 28 at 4 p.m., Cambria’s CSD board is scheduled to discuss the health plan proposal.

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