Brush fire at Cal Poly burns nearly 100 acres


A vegetation fire broke out at Cal Poly on Tuesday afternoon just below the hillside “P.” The fire swept across the university hillside, burning 97 acres, as of Wednesday morning.

The blaze, which started around 3:20 p.m., forced the evacuations of the Sierra Madre and Yosemite dorms, as well as nearby homes around Slack Street and Grand Avenue. Authorities have since lifted the evacuation orders and reopened roads that were closed.

As of early Wednesday morning, the fire is 60 percent contained, according to Cal Fire. Firefighters will work Wednesday on containment and putting out hot spots.

The cause of the fire remains unclear. An investigation is ongoing.

Photos and video were contributed by James McKiernan Lawyers in San Luis Obispo.

Photo Credit: Jim McKiernan


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  1. seeker says:

    “The cause of the fire remains unclear.” Could it be that someone wants to destroy any evidence in the Kristin Smart Case? The most recent area of investigation was near the ‘P’.

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