Jordan Cunningham evades Las Vegas shooting, Santa Barbara residents wounded

The mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night left a Santa Barbara couple wounded and several San Luis Obispo County residents, including Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, taking shelter inside the hotel of the shooter.

Jordan Cunningham

Cunningham was watching a show with his wife inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino when Stephen Craig Paddock began firing shots at people attending a concert across the street, the assemblyman wrote on Facebook. Police put the theater on lockdown for five hours.

The attendees were then bused to safety, Cunningham wrote.

Cunningham asked people to pray for the victims of the shooting and their families.

Caroline Rocha, the owner of a San Luis Obispo jewelry store, was with her family on the main floor in Mandalay Bay when the shooting began. They were in Las Vegas to celebrate her mother’s 85th birthday, Rocha wrote on Facebook.

“We heard the shots once in the bathroom then again in the lobby. Thank God our mom was already in the room.”

Rocha and other relatives ran and made it to safety. One member of her family spent the night in the theater downstairs but was safe and remained in communication with relatives.

Brian and Lara Mack, of Santa Barbara, were not as fortunate. Brian Mack, an anesthesiologist, was seriously wounded in the shooting and remained in the ICU, as of Monday. Brian Mack underwent abdominal surgery due to gunshot wounds, but he is strong and just needs to heal, his wife wrote on Facebook.

Lara Mack stated she had a near death experience of her own.

“I have a guardian angel because a bullet literally grazed and cut a long gash along my entire top of my head,” Lara Mack wrote. “Thought that was it for a second then realized it wasn’t and survival mode took over. The acts of heroism I saw last night and all night were so beyond words. So so thankful. I am so grateful to be here.”