Authorities arrest the ‘Seasoned Bandit’

The FBI announced the arrest of the “Seasoned Bandit,” who allegedly robbed a total of 10 banks of in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties over the last six months.

James Allen Hayes, 55, of Ventura is accused of robbing four banks in Santa Barbara County, including a Coast Hills Credit Union in Santa Maria. The Santa Maria robbery occurred on Sept. 6.

Hayes, who garnered the nickname the Seasoned Bandit because of his age and grey-white hair, would pass notes to tellers threatening them with a gun and demanding cash, according to the FBI.

In addition to the 10 robberies, Hayes is tied to an attempted robbery at a Wells Fargo in Newhall on Sept. 25.  The banks Hayes is accused of robbing are listed below:

Montecito Bank & Trust in Carpinteria on April 27

Union Bank in Carpinteria on May 24

Wells Fargo in Newhall on June 12

Chase Bank in Newhall on June 27

Golden 1 Bank in Goleta on July 7

Logix Federal Credit Union in Valencia on July 25

California Credit Union in Valencia on Aug. 10

Wescom Credit Union in Stevenson Ranch on Aug. 21

Coast Hills Credit Union in Santa Maria on Sept. 6

Union Bank in Pacific Palisades on Sept. 26

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