Kayaker falls overboard near Cayucos, still missing

A 67-year-old kayaker went missing Sunday afternoon near Cayucos, and rescue teams have been unsuccessful in locating the man.

The United States Coast Guard has identified the man as Rene Monterrosa. An acquaintance of Monterrosa notified authorities that he had fallen out of his kayak, according to the Coast Guard.

Cal Fire stated in a tweet that the missing man’s kayak was located near Harmony. The Coast Guard dispatched a 47-foot motor lifeboat crew from Morro Bay, as well as a helicopter crew from Point Mugu.

A Cal Fire attack plane is also searching for Monterrosa. Additionally, the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol and the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office are assisting the Coast Guard and Cal Fire with the search.

Monterrosa was said to be wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket when he went missing. Anyone who has additional information about Monterrosa is asked to contact the Coast Guard’s Los Angeles- Long Beach sector watch standers at (310) 521-3801.

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One Comment about “Kayaker falls overboard near Cayucos, still missing”

  1. Why on earth would anyone, particularly anyone old enough to know better and maybe a little slower physically, go out on the open ocean without a PFD? This tragedy could have been so easily prevented. I never leave the beach without a ton of safety items: PFD, obviously, a 2-way marine radio, a cellphone, an airhorn, a small strobe light, a rescue folding knife and extra line. Batteries and a flare pistol are in the Pelican box riveted to the deck. Proper clothing includes river shoes and a wetsuit depending on the water temperature. Seems like a lot of stuff, right? Each one is small, just a few ounces, and most fit in the PFD pockets or are strapped to my leg. I fully intend to return to shore after I spend the day touring and fishing the vast uncaring desert that is the Pacific Ocean.

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