Salud Carbajal lacks common sense

Salud Carbajal


The Control Unlawful Fugitive Felons Act is a straightforward bill that was expected to get no opposition in Congress. This common sense law would prohibit social security payments to individuals who are subject to an outstanding warrant for committing a felony, or violation of parole or probation.

I was shocked to see that Representative Salud Carbajal voted against this legislation. With over $20 trillion in debt and social security program that is drying up, should we really be ensuring that fugitives receive their social security paychecks?

As a taxpayer that contributes to social security, I am surprised to find out that my hard earned money even has the possibility of going to someone who is evading the law. The National Sheriff’s Association announced its strong support for this common sense legislation and estimated that it would save us over $2 billion over the next ten years.

Rep. Carbajal has managed to stand against the law enforcement community, deficit reduction and reducing fraud, waste and abuse all in one vote. I know Rep. Carbajal has made some bad votes this year, but this is just common sense.

I ask that you call Rep. Carbajal’s office and tell him to stop sending our hard earned money to convicted felons.