SLO police sergeant accused of minimizing sexual assault reports

San Luis Obispo police department is reviewing statements made by a police sergeant who allegedly said that women conjure up rape allegations.

Between Aug. 28 and Oct. 1 six sexual assaults that were reported to the Cal Poly Police Department, according to the SLO New Times. In the New Times article, Sgt. Chad Pfarr said that inebriated women regularly make up rape allegations.

“At the beginning of the school year, you get an uptick” in reports of sexual assaults and “it seems like they are always alcohol related,” Pfarr was quoted in the New Times. Pfarr said students often “feel like they got sexually assaulted because they blacked out” when really, “it was just something that was conjured up.”

The sergeant went on to tell the weekly paper that claims by women who report they have been drugged and sexually assaulted are usually not credible. Pfarr said all allegations of sexual assault are investigated, according to the New Times.

“We get a ton of young people who come into town that have never really consumed alcohol before and now they’re experimenting with different alcohols,” Pfarr was quoted in the New Times. “Suddenly they have too much and they black out and the automatic assumption is, ‘I was roofied and sexually assaulted.’ More times than not, that’s not the case.”

In response to the New Times article, the police department is planning to review the recorded phone conversation between Sgt. Pfarr and the New Times.

“If Sgt. Pfarr made statements that were inconsistent with policy, appropriate training and/or corrective action will be taken, consistent with the California Peace Officer Bill of Rights,” Capt. Chris Staley told the Tribune.

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One Comment about “SLO police sergeant accused of minimizing sexual assault reports”

  1. Boldguy says:

    So was Officer Pfarr pointing out that alcohol and chastity don’t mix?
    The other term used is buyers remorse, getting drunk, losing many of their inhibitions, wake up and little snowflake needs somebody to blame for her bad choices!
    Sexual assault and rape are the most heinous of crimes, no stone should be unturned to bring the perpetrator to justice and jailed to the maximum the laws allows!!!
    Being blamed for sexual assault when it was truly just buyers remorse, is just as bad:(

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