Grover Beach homeowners association seeking taxpayer assistance


The Mar Brisa Home Owners Association is asking the City of Grover Beach to pay for all future repairs and maintenance of their privately owned sewage lift station and retention basin. Councilwoman Barbara Nicolls and former councilman Bill Nicolls live in the gated community.

Mar Brisa sets on the north side of Grover Beach overlooking the ocean. The city approved the development in 1983 under the condition that the home owners would cover infrastructure costs including maintenance of the sewer lift station and retention basin.

If the city council votes to take over the cost of maintenance of the lift station, the city may need to raise sanitation rates, according to a staff report. The cost of maintaining the retention basin would come from the general fund.

Of the 49 homes in the Mar Brisa community, 33 homeowners utilize the lift station and in the past, have paid for its maintenance. Lift stations move sewage from lower to higher elevations.

At Mondays City Council meeting, council members will decide whether to ask staff to further assess the Mar Brisa Homeowner Association request or direct staff not to expend city resources on any further assessments.

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3 Comments about “Grover Beach homeowners association seeking taxpayer assistance”

  1. perk o late says:

    Shoals will undoubtedly vote to cover the cost for his good buddies the Nicolls’. After all, that’s what friends do, right? These homeowners need to fork over their owns funds to deal with their own sh*t. They knew the agreement before they purchased. Their problem in NOT now the problem of ratepayers who had no say in the matter.

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