Car slams into star Cal Poly baseball player’s pickup on Highway 1

Star Cal Poly outfielder and Major League Baseball draft prospect, Alex McKenna, walked away from a near head-on collision on Wednesday with a cut on his head and gratitude that he was still alive.

McKenna’s older model Ford F-150 pickup truck was hit in the intersection of Highway 1 and Highland Drive near the Cal Poly campus around 11 a.m. The other driver slammed into McKenna’s pickup while the Cal Poly outfielder began to enter the intersection after his light turned green.

“So lucky to be alive. God was really looking down on me today. Walked away with a cut in my head. Prayers go out to the other driver,” McKenna stated on Twitter.

The collision caused major damage to the front-end of McKenna’s truck, which was a present from his great-grandfather, the baseball player said.

“This was my great grandfather’s truck that he gave me, so he was looking down on me today as well,” McKenna tweeted.

It is unclear to what extent the other driver was injured in the crash. The collision brought an ambulance and fire truck out to the scene.

McKenna is ranked the 11th best outfielder among 2018 MLB Draft prospects, according to a list recently released by a leading college baseball news site.