PG&E lays off John Shoals and Lindsey Miller

Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals

In what appears to be another round of layoffs, Pacific Gas and Electric Company terminated Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals and Lindsey Miller from its support services department for San Luis Obispo County and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Both Miller and Shoals worked in the public relations department.

Earlier this year, PG&E chopped 450 positions in support services as part of a company restructuring. PG&E is not planning any other layoffs of PG&E employees working with Diablo Canyon, said Blair Jones, a PG&E spokesman.

“At PG&E, we continually evaluate our organizational structures and needs to best provide our customers with safe, affordable, reliable and clean energy,” Jones said. “I can confirm that those two positions were eliminated.”

In 2016, PG&E announced plans to shut down the Diablo Canyon plant in 2025. Decommissioning the Diablo Canyon is expected to take decades, “resulting in continued employment and economic spending in the community,” according to PG&E.

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3 Comments about “PG&E lays off John Shoals and Lindsey Miller”

  1. Julie says:

    I wonder if PG&E gives giant severances like Shoals did out of the Sanitation District. $150,000 to John Clemons to release his racism claim against the district and $37,500 to Gerhard Hubner to take his incompetent self back to Ventura.

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