Los Osos teen to be tried as adult over death of Cal Poly student

A 17-year-old girl who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist in San Luis Obispo while driving intoxicated is facing prosecution in adult court.

On the night of Aug. 29, Gianna Brencola, 17, hit Kennedy Love, a 22-year-old Cal Poly landscape architecture student who was riding a bicycle on Foothill Boulevard near Ferrini Road. Following the collision, Brencola and a female passenger fled the scene while Love’s body was lying in the street, according to police.

Officers arrived shortly afterwards and found Love still in the roadway and not breathing. Attempts to resuscitate Love were not successful.

Early in the morning on Aug. 30, officers located Brencola’s abandoned vehicle near the scene of the crash. Investigators then went to Los Osos, where the teen allegedly confessed to driving the vehicle that caused the crash.

Prosecutors plan to charge Brencola with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing death and hit-and-run. Brencola will also face enhancements for her blood alcohol level at the time of the crash, which prosecutors say was above .20.

Brencola has a court hearing scheduled for Thursday. She is being held in juvenile hall with bail set at $195,000.

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One Comment about “Los Osos teen to be tried as adult over death of Cal Poly student”

  1. Boldguy says:

    Was thinking about this case this morning, this 17 year old girl is being tried as a adult, with all the consequences that her actions entail!!!
    Oscar Higueros is serving 167 years in jail because the girl that he took advantage of, was only 17 and didn’t understand the consequences of her actions in tying up with the two knuckle heads she did………..makes one wonder!!!

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