Two Cal Poly frats temporarily suspended over parties

Cal Poly administrators have placed two fraternities on interim suspension over unsanctioned parties and possible alcohol policy violations.

Mustang News reports the university placed Sigma Nu on interim suspension effective Oct. 24. The fraternity reportedly held an unregistered party in late September, and the event may have violated Cal Poly’s drug and alcohol policies.

The Tribune reports Cal Poly suspended Kappa Sigma the next day. Kappa Sigma is accused of holding a separate unregistered event that allegedly violated university recruitment and alcohol policies.

Cal Poly policy now requires fraternities to contract with licensed distributors in order to provide alcoholic beverages to guests at parties.

University officials have placed the Greek organizations on interim suspension while they conduct investigations into the alleged offenses. Once placed on interim suspension, fraternities must suspend all events and official functions.

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One Comment about “Two Cal Poly frats temporarily suspended over parties”

  1. Rich in MB says:

    I’m actually not sure what to be more outraged over:
    1. Needing to get permission to have a Party
    2. Someone being surprised that a Frat House is having said party.

    The nanny State training starts in Collage….

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