Journalist battles to save his home

For 50 years, Dan Blackburn worked as an investigative journalist and author of a bestseller, and was able to buy a modest home in Paso Robles. Now, Charles Tenborg, a wealthy man who was able to outspend Dan during a court case, is attempting to force Dan out of his home. Tenborg won a libel suit after successfully blocking evidence and witnesses which supported Dan’s reporting. At 74-years-old, Dan is receiving Social Security, a portion of which Tenborg is now trying to take.

Dan Blackburn

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One Comment about “Journalist battles to save his home”

  1. seeker says:

    Support Dan! Buy his book, read it, and give it as a Christmas gift. It will give you insight into investigative reporting and the actions that people will take to cover their guilt. Might even help you understand the corruption in SLO County. After 50 years Dan knows his stuff, knows the rules of reporting, and knows reportable evidence when he sees it. The outcome of this court case doesn’t pass the smell test.

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