Adam Hill battles critic with allegations of homosexuality

Supervisor Adam Hill

In response to critical commentary about his contentious behavior, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill lashed out Keith Gurnee claiming his critic has a homosexual interest in him.

“T. Keith has a bad crush on me and no matter how many times I tell him he’s not my type and that he should maybe try Grindr, he still writes all these valentines, dozens of obsessive ‘I Want You’s,’ ” Hill wrote on Facebook. “As we know, some men, especially ones with the raw sexual charisma of T. Keith, don’t know how to take no for an answer.”

In response to Hill’s post, Gurnee sent an email to the all five members of the SLO County Board of Supervisors accusing Hill of gay bashing.

“Well Adam, you’ve done it again,” Gurnee wrote to the board. “Having just read your disgusting, delusional, and laughable post about your vast misperceptions of me. It’s obvious you don’t have a clue on how to judge people. I’ve been happily married to my wife of 47 years and I’m as straight as they come.

“I do not take your comments as bashing me, they’re bashing gays and that’s a shame. How can you stoop so low as an elected public official to throw such offal? I seriously suggest you get some counseling.”

T. Keith Gurnee

In response, Hill accused Gurnee of being a reactionary blowhard.

“Hey, T. Bone just sent a wild and forceful letter to the full BOS, declaring he “is as straight as they come!,” Hill wrote on Facebook. “Obviously, even reactionary blowhards like T. Bone, have images to maintain.

“And the notion that he is secretly and deeply attracted to me, writing screed after screed, (chastising me in undeniably erotic language), disturbs his sense of decency and his commitment to the ideals of right-wing lunacy. T. Keith, when this is passed onto you, don’t worry, I know you really hate me (wink wink) and that you don’t want to take me to Paris or even King City for one of your famous/infamous seminars on urban planning (wink wink)…”

Gurnee responded saying, “Oh, my God.”

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5 Comments about “Adam Hill battles critic with allegations of homosexuality”

  1. Shenanigan says:

    If Hill did indeed use a county email, there has to be some kind of liability involved. Can the ACLU step in?

  2. seeker says:

    For Hill to claim that Gurnee’s opinion pieces are “chastising me in undeniably erotic language” is frighteningly out of touch with reality. If the Board of Supervisors cares about him they need to have him committed to a psych ward for observation.

  3. JulieJones says:

    It is hard to believe, But Adam Hill makes Donald Trump appear restrained. His attempts to malign anyone who does not agree with him are disgusting.

    The bigger issue is all the people in our community who are willing to ignore Adam’s sexism, bullying and pay-to-play behavior because he is a registered Democrat. What happened to working across the lines to support our community.

  4. insidelookingout says:

    This has to confirm it that this guy is completely nuts. It’s time for everyone to challenge the Board of Supervisors to censor him for his behavior. For awhile I just thought that it was Adam the political pervert looking for the apple. But I now have come to the conclusion that we should no longer direct our attention to him as it appears that he is truly a sick individual. As aggressive that he appears at times I hope that, if he has a CCW, Sheriff Parkinson really considers rescinding that privilege. We have recently seen the results of anger that some have towards others and being in his position and his routinely attacks on people he certainly needs to be monitored.

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