Adam Hill sends homophobic email from county account

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill sent a bizarre email Friday afternoon suggesting a local critic’s marriage is a sham and that the critic is attracted to Hill. As a county supervisor, Hill was passed over in January for chairman of the board of supervisors because of his frequent outbursts and strange rants.

Over the past few days, Hill has written several Facebook posts claiming San Luis Obispo resident Keith Gurnee has a homosexual interest in him. In response to a Cal Coast Times article about Hill’s earlier allegations, Hill sent Gurnee an email from his official county email account suggesting Gurnee is secretly homosexual.

In the past, Hill has apologized multiple times for attacking people who question or disagree with him. After public scrutiny, Hill often refers to his posts and emails as satire or jokes. Even so, some members of the community have voiced their concerns.

“Sordid, unprofessional, uncalled for, maybe there should be a grand jury inquiry into the performance/conduct of BOS!,” Lynne Newhouse responded to Hill’s rant on Facebook.

Hill’s Friday afternoon email to Keith Gurnee:

“T. Bone, you little minx. It’s 2017! Everything is fluid now, no longer will your patriarchal controls be accepted by most humans! Lighten up, you’re no doubt attractive and even intelligible (not necessarily intelligent) to some—especially trolls with the same ugly old-fashioned impulses as you ! Why must you obsess over one human (me) who doesn’t dig your prescriptions?

T. Keith Gurnee

“I tried to let you down easy but you crave something I won’t and can’t give you. When you continue to obsess over me and accuse me of a variety of crimes and mismeanors and then have to get some wrecked/wretched blogger to carry out your garbage, all I see is a big bulbous, hilariously pompous sack of woe who needs to be hugged. A lot. Lots of hugs, T. Bone. You are one sad/mad hombre.

“Alas, I must tell you again I am not interested in your affections no matter how you disguise them in your uniquely enigmatic manner of yawping. No matter how low you go, I will not give into your mysterious charms, though certainly there are others, especially the broken souls who have discovered anonymity has a friendship circle waiting in any online forum. What I am suggesting, is you look for love in the right places, T. Bone, those places where you can be accepted for who you are even if who you are is but a lie you’ve been telling yourself for 70 years.

“Good luck and Godspeed, my little poisonous angel. Should you ever need a book recommendation or the name of good pizzaria in New Jersey, then feel free to contact me. (Actually, the satire applies to that too… it’s so difficult to say goodbye to one who obsesses so literally as to wet himself into words he must then see printed…but ta-ta.)”

Gurnee’s email response:

“Stunning stuff Adam. And you and Bruce are the two backing Jimmy Paulding. What does that say about him??? You’re really damaging his chances with this tripe.

“It’s sad to see anyone devolve into this, even you. You started this nonsense on Slosense. I suggest you cease and desist and get some help.”

Hill did not respond to a request for comment.

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4 Comments about “Adam Hill sends homophobic email from county account”

  1. insidelookingout says:

    It’s time for the BOS to censor Adam Hill who appears to be very ill. I’m sure that with all of the perks that the BOS have that his medical care would be paid for. I for one who consistently harp on the abuse of our taxpayer money would certainly accept whatever costs there may be to try and rehabilitate this individual.
    I also find this somewhat weird as it’s a well known fact that Adam Hill regularly socializes in the gay community some of who are his largest financial contributors.

  2. JulieJones says:

    This is typical Hill, write or say an untruth meant to harm someone you do not like. Then get his trolls on social media to repeat the lies and promote it to the public.

    I agree, as a progressive it is shocking that he repeatedly goes after people for social issues, issues of civil rights. Hill’s favorites are saying married men are secret homosexuals, demeaning woman with comments about their looks or sexuality, and attacking the media with lies.

    Marching for women means nothing if you only support women who bow down to Hill.

    There were multiple comments under Tom Fulks SLO Sense Facebook about Gurnee’s sexuality that were only taken down after Hill pulled his comment, after people on Cal Coast chastised him.

    I agree, Hill does not have the control or respect for others to be chair of the board of supervisors. John Peschong is arguably the best chair the board has had in more than a decade. Why not give him another go?

  3. seeker says:

    Hill’s disjointed thoughts, spelling error, taunts, and his failure to recognize the incongruity of a progressive using accusations of homosexuality in a public forum as a form of degradation are signs of drug abuse and/or a deranged mind.

    Hill’s emails are morally and ethically reprehensible and also illegal if he is using his county email or his position as a supervisor to amplify the message that sexual orientation is cause for ridicule and humiliation.

  4. Supervisor Hill again demonstrates his total self-absorption. It is self-evident that Hill is committed to lies and abuse in political discourse, with no self-restraint. Decency is something he knows nothing about. The Board of Supervisors should not permit Mr. Hill to represent them or this County as Chair, Vice-Chair or on any committee or board.

    Hill represents only Hill. His “what’s-in-it-for-me” form of public service has taken Bruce Gibson, and others in County government, down the path to perdition. It is time to isolate Mr. Hill until his current, and last, term runs out.

    Mr. Gurnee’s observation at the end of the article should be a warning to Jim Paulding in the 4th District. No good can come from Hill’s “help.”

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