Santa Maria to crack down on ‘happy ending’ massage parlors

In an effort to crack down on prostitution and human trafficking, the Santa Maria City Council adopted an ordinance imposing stricter regulations on massage businesses. [KSBY]

The ordinance, which the council formally approved on Tuesday, will require massage businesses to have a California Massage Therapy Council-licensed therapist on site or a new city business license. Massage businesses will also be subjected to regular inspections.

Additional rules include a dress code for employees and customers and limitations on advertising and hours of operation. The ordinance also bars massage parlors from covering their windows.

A total of 73 massage businesses exist in the city of Santa Maria. In order to remain in operation, they must achieve compliance with the new rules prior to the ordinance taking effect in 30 days.

Once the ordinance takes effect, authorities will shut down massage businesses that do not meet licensing requirements.

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One Comment about “Santa Maria to crack down on ‘happy ending’ massage parlors”

  1. Boldguy says:

    Seeing this article, after reading Stew Jenkins diatribe on the lack of access to Federal Court locations and Judges, made me wonder!
    Why is Prostitution illegal in the first place?
    Why is Prostitution not a Constitutional right like abortion, if a woman has the right of privacy(Roe vs Wade) to do what she chooses with her body, how can that not fall under the same umbrella of rights for prostitutes?
    A woman that wants to rent her body for a hour at a time, seems way less invasive than removing an unborn fetus!
    It’s even legal in a small parts of Nevada. Seems that it should be regulated, licenced and taxed, kinda like the new marijuana industry:)
    Human Trafficking or anyone forcing someone to do something they don’t want, should be highly illegal, but two consenting adults, not so much!!!

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