Grover Beach council to grant itself pay raise

The Grover Beach City Council voted 4-1 Monday in favor of doubling the amount of money council members receive and to grant the mayor an even larger raise.

Currently, Grover Beach council members, including the mayor, receive $300 monthly salaries, or stipends. Their compensation is the lowest among all city councils in San Luis Obispo County.

Council member salaries range from $405 a month to $1,200 a month in the six other SLO County cities. Mayors are paid salaries of between $405 and $1,500.

Under the proposed changes, Grover Beach council members would receive $600 monthly salaries, and the mayor would be paid $750 a month. The council decided to table separate proposals to grant itself medical coverage and tablet devices.

Councilman Jeff Lee cast the dissenting vote on the pay raises. Lee has opened a mayoral campaign for 2018.

Monday’s hearing was the initial reading of a revised ordinance on council member compensation. Before the raises go into effect, the council must vote in favor of the ordinance once more.

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One Comment about “Grover Beach council to grant itself pay raise”

  1. insidelookingout says:

    Uintended consequences of being released from PG&E? Will the fleecing of our pocketbooks ever end by our government. When they all signed on they knew what the terms were. I think the 100% increase shows exactly where their mind set is. How about paying off all of the unfunded liabilities instead of adding to the problem?

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