Louie Ortega playing at CalCoastNews legal defense fundraiser

Louie Ortega

Please help Karen Velie and Dan Blackburn continue their investigative reporting by attending a fundraiser in Paso Robles on Sunday, Nov. 26 at the Pine Street Saloon in Paso Robles. Several of their supporters are hosting the fundraiser to raise money for their legal defense and investigator costs. All moneys are placed in the CCN legal defense fund.

Here is a link to the site, where tickets can be purchased through PayPal.

Earlier this year, CalCoastNews, Dan Blackburn and Karen Velie lost a large lawsuit. A lawsuit they believe was the work of Adam Hill and his friend Charles Tenborg to shut down their investigative reporting. Two of their witnesses died before trial, the judge blocked most of their evidence and the defendant allegedly perjured himself repeatedly during the trial, according to investigator Carl Knudson.

Now, Tenborg and Hill are working to take Blackburn’s modest home from him and to stop Velie from reporting on issues important to our community.

In their defense, Blackburn and Velie hired former IRS special investigator Carl Knudson, to investigate the facts of the case. By showing wrongdoing, Velie and Blackburn should be able to have the judgment dismissed in bankruptcy court where a judge can be asked to rehear the case, evidence and witnesses cannot be blocked, and the judge can dismiss the judgment.

Funds from Sundays event featuring Louie Ortega, will be used to fund the continuing investigation by Carl Knusdson and to pay for legal bills.

If you believe in this fight for an independent unbiased press, then please attend the event to help pay for their battle to continue the watchdog function of the media. You can buy tickets online, pay at the door or send a donation to the CCN Defense Fund at P.O. Box 1, Arroyo Grande, CA, 93421.

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  1. seeker says:

    I’m looking forward to attending. I want to know who the people are who support freedom of the press and have the courage to stand up to the corruption in the County of SLO.

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