Jeff Hamm to retire following allegations of mismanagement

Jeff Hamm

San Luis Obispo County officials announced Monday the planned resignation of County Health Agency Director Jeff Hamm in April. Hamm plans to resign follow a series of exclusive articles on CalCoastNews about neglect and mistreatment at the county jail and the county mental health facility.

For years, San Luis Obispo County employees have lodged complaints about missing medications and conditions at the jail that they say endanger inmates and nurses, issues they blame on Hamm and several other county officials.

Discussions over Hamm’s continued employment have been ongoing for several months, county sources said. The county stated it was an amicable agreement to part ways.

“It has been my great honor to serve the people of San Luis Obispo County for 36 years and lead the Health Agency for 11 years, but I’m looking forward to retirement and the next phase of my life,” Hamm said in the release. “Our community is facing a growing number of health care system challenges, and I agree with the board that the Health Agency needs a fresh perspective to address them.”