Yet another inmate dies at SLO County Jail

With San Luis Obispo County knee-deep in controversies related to inmate deaths, a 62-year-old man died inside the county’s jail on Monday.

At approximately 3:05 p.m., a deputy was conducting a cell check when he spoke to the inmate, whom authorities have yet to identify, and the man said he was not feeling well. The deputy then called for medical staff, who were located around the corner from the cell, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

Medical staffers spoke with the inmate, who was alert and conscious. They then placed the inmate in a wheelchair, started taking him to the medical unit and called for an ambulance.

While being wheeled, the inmate was conversing with medical staffers. But suddenly, he lost consciousness, the sheriff’s news release states.

Medical and correctional staffers began performing lifesaving measures, including CPR and using an automatic electronic defibrillator. Cal Fire personnel and paramedics then arrived and took over the lifesaving measures. They did not manage to revive the man.

The sheriff’s office has launched an investigation into the death. Sheriff’s officials say no foul play is suspected.

For multiple years, CalCoastNews and CalCoastTimes have published reports on the conditions in the SLO County Jail, as well as the mortality rate, which has been well above the national average. CalCoastNews and CalCoastTimes have broken multiple stories on jail staff mishandling or abusing inmates who ended up dying in custody or as a result of their treatment in the SLO County Jail.

Earlier this year, deputies strapped Andrew Holland naked in a restraint chair in the jail’s drunk tank, where he remained until shortly before his death two days later. The county recently agreed to pay Holland’s family $5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by his family.

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  1. jorge Estrada says:

    Yes there have been other deaths in the jail, yes the public closed the County General Hospital and yes the public has paid out monies for the inadequate medical attention provided in jail. At face value, it seems that the absence of the County General Hospital or the promised alternatives programs have not been adequate. Certainly the jail is not a medical facility and need not be villainized.

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