CalRecycle gets restitution from Charles Tenborg for false claims

Charles Tenborg

By Cal Coast Times Staff

A CalCoastNews investigation has led to the payment of almost $35,000 to CalRecycle in a false claim investigation of Charles Tenborg, a contractor working with the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA).

Tenborg paid $34,634 in restitution to the state after a CalRecycle investigation found that Tenborg had submitted false representations for government funds to the Covered Electronic Waste Recycling and Recovering Program, according to CalRecycle.

Early this year, CalRecycle levied 17 notices of violation against Charles Tenborg for asking for payments for processing or dismantling electronic waste that was not processed or dismantled. From March 2014 through July 2015, Tenborg’s company received more than $30,000 for the false claims, according to the notices of violation.

In response to the notices of violation, Tenborg claimed issues with inadequate staffing and oversight had led to the false claims.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, established a funding system to promote the proper collection and recycling of certain types of electronic wastes. Tenborg collected electronics at multiple points including the SLO County IWMA household hazardous waste facilities, according to Tenborg’s applications to participate in the state’s electronic waste recycling program.

Because of the duration of the false claims, Tenborg’s potential penalties were from $4,000 to $15,000 for each of the 17 violations.

On Feb. 21, Tenborg signed a stipulated payment agreement to send the state a check for $34,643. Tenborg followed through with a check to the state.

The investigation began shortly after a CalCoastNews reporter informed CalRecycle that several of Tenborg’s former employees had said he was falsifying electronic payment requests to the state.

In 2013, Tenborg filed a lawsuit against reporters Karen Velie, Dan Blackburn and CalCoastNews for libel in what appeared to be an attempt by Tenborg and SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill to shutter critical reporting of county officials and contractors.

Two of Blackburn and Velie’s witnesses died before trial, the judge blocked most of their evidence and the plaintiff allegedly provided false testimony in the case, according to investigator Carl Knudson. In March 2017, Tenborg was awarded a $1.1 million judgment that is being contested as the result of continuing investigations into his company.



NOV CEC Electronic Waste Recycling_Signed Acknowledgement123 by Cal Coast Times on Scribd


CEC Payment Agreement by Cal Coast Times on Scribd

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7 Comments about “CalRecycle gets restitution from Charles Tenborg for false claims”

  1. PORAC says:

    This is the same group of thugs, who attended a somewhat carefree wild party at Judge Barry LaBarbara’s daughter’s home that of Lisa Toke aka Lisa LaBarbara, the event was attended by Adam and Dee (Torres) Hill where his drinks and ?? were bubbling all over the event.

    The event was suppose to be a $ fund raiser for SLOLAF, and its many rich lawyers, lots of booze, cash and ? were most prevalent and Adam Hill was a bit too tipsy to do much, he hung around the who’s of who that attended including the highlight of the event “Havana Nights” was none other than our new judge Hernaldo Baltodano who was not yet a judge but the word at the Lisa (TOKE) LaBarbara’s daughter who hosted this lavish event knew he (Hernaldo) he would be a judge as soon as November which did happen?

    How on earth did Adam Hill know ? Barry Labarbara knew well in advance ? then Tenborg’s involvement at this party was over the Top… XXX why was Adam Hill caught with another lady dancing the night away ? why did Dee Torres leave ? what was this event really about and who got the Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Julie says:

    Tenborg is in the trash business. It’s hard to differentiate one piece of trash from another now isn’t it?

  3. honestjohn says:

    This is just the tip of the ice berg. These people have been shielded by inept and self serving politicians and staff. It’s time to clean house! Sadly the SLO County Integrated Waste Management Board is made up of mostly uninterested part-time politicians who don’t want to make any waves. Whatever staff says is good to go. Some of them are as dirty as Tenborg. Where’s the public outrage?

  4. seeker says:

    So far, everything CCN has alleged has been documented as true via records searches. Everything Tenborg has said has been documented as false via records searches. Time for the court to call for an investigation or retrial.

  5. JulieJones says:

    Our courts need to be about justice, not who has the most money to buy an expensive attorney and the political affiliations to woo the court.

    So Supervisor Adam Hill bragged he was behind the lawsuit. Then during the case, Hill was seen lunching almost weekly with Judge Tangerman. Then Hill recommends Tangerman for a seat on the appellate court. Then Tangerman appears to favor Hill and Tenborg’s lawsuit.

    I want to know if Judge LaBarbara was also socializing with Hill.

  6. KeepingItSimple says:

    This is a serious allegation. Providing false evidence, under Penal Code 132 PC or Penal Code 134 PC, is a California felony. This means if Tenborg is convicted he could be sentenced to as much as three years in California state prison.

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