Pismo Beach adopts moratorium on ‘undesirable’ businesses

The Pismo Beach City Council adopted a moratorium earlier this month on tattoo and massage parlors, pawn shops and other types of businesses some view as undesirable. [KSBY]

Under an urgency ordinance, Pismo Beach enacted a temporary ban on new businesses that fit into ten categories of operations. Existing Pismo Beach tattoo and massage parlors, pawn shops and other businesses that fit into the 10 categories may remain open.

Resale shops, smoke shops, check cashing stores, bail bonds businesses, gold and silver exchanges, tire sales and repair shops, and blood/plasma sale centers are also banned under the moratorium.

In three weeks, Pismo Beach’s urgency ordinance is set to expire unless the city council extends it for 10 months.

According to a Pismo Beach staff report, city officials are concerned with certain types of businesses altering the perception of the city’s downtown.

“Over-proliferation and concentration of any type of land use is a cause for concern,” the staff report states. “Having too many similar business types may begin to alter the perception of a commercial district, such as Pismo Beach’s downtown area.”

The moratorium will give Pismo Beach officials time to consider new land use regulations and possibly limit how many businesses belonging to the 10 categories open in the city in the future.

Christian Valentine, the master piercer at Tiger Rose Tattoo in Pismo Beach, said the moratorium will eliminate competition, which is good for the business. But, it seems like a good thing for a bad reason, Valentine said.

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4 Comments about “Pismo Beach adopts moratorium on ‘undesirable’ businesses”

  1. Bm7 says:

    How about another ordinance prohibiting undesirable people, or undesirable clothing, or undesirable pets and so on and so forth. Pretty we will have a town of only one type.

  2. T-Bone says:

    I say let the peoples wallets vote on what type of business is desirable for Pismo Beach. If it opens up and thrives great. If it doesn’t then too bad. Either way the city gets its money and if stays in business it’s bringing in money in local taxes.
    Get off your high horse and support your local business.
    You could have Uncle Larry coming in with Hustler Hollywood Lingereie and Adult Novelties of Pismo Beach.
    Then he would sue the pants off of you for violation of 1st amendment just like he did Fresno.
    Anyway stop being a bunch of rudy poohs. LOL
    Happy New Year everyone

  3. Boldguy says:

    Didn’t even know that a city could designate a business as undesirable. Seems that they must have enough of a customer base to support these type of business, maybe they could write a ordinance that restricts the type of people that would go to these type of businesses. Psychological testing of any new residents of Pismo Beach!!!
    Of course any existing undesirable residents or politicians would grandfathered in:)

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