‘Organized crime’ crew snatching credit cards around SLO County, Atascadero police warn

John Thomas Reynolds

An “organized crime” crew, or duo, is breaking into San Luis Obispo County businesses and stealing credit cards from purses and wallets left attended, the Atascadero Police Department is warning.

Atascadero police have identified one of the suspects as John Thomas Reynolds, of San Luis Obispo. Reynolds is currently wanted in SLO County on related charges. The other suspect is an unidentified black female.

The suspects have targeted a variety of small businesses, including attorney’s offices, doctor’s clinics, boutiques and therapy centers, a police department press release states. Upon entering the businesses, the suspects steal credit cards from purses and wallets left unattended in seemingly well-hidden places and then flee.

In the majority of the cases, staffers were occupied with assisting clients or conducting meetings.

After snatching credit cards, the woman has used them to purchase high-dollar gift cards from chain stores, such as Target and CVS.

Investigators are unsure as to the suspects’ whereabouts. The police department requests that anyone who can identify the female suspect contact Detective N. Ketz at (805) 461-5051.

Atascadero police advise individuals working in offices and small businesses throughout SLO County to lock up purses and wallets that are left unattended during the day. Police also recommend that businesses secure secondary access doors to prevent the suspects from breaking in.