California adults now free to buy marijuana

Californians age 21 and up may now purchase marijuana in stores legally, whether or not they have a medical recommendation to do so.

In line with Proposition 64, California’s marijuana legalization measure, properly licensed businesses may now sell recreational pot to adult customers. However, thus far, sanctioned pot shops are only slowly springing up across the state.

Currently, there are no brick and mortar marijuana stores — medical or recreational — operating in San Luis Obispo County.  Medical pot dispensaries are expected to soon open in Grover Beach and Morro Bay. Grover Beach may also consider allowing recreational pot shops after medical dispensaries open in the South County city.

As of Friday, the state of California had issued 49 retail licenses for selling recreational marijuana. Though many local jurisdictions continue to prohibit recreational pot, its sale has already been approved in numerous cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Cruz and West Hollywood. [LA Times]

Still, it will take time to roll out the recreational marijuana regimes in the cities that have approved them. Many pot shops that are expected to open in those cities have yet to obtain state licenses.

Marijuana news site the Cannifornian has produced a map of pot shops already allowed to sell recreational marijuana. On the Central Coast, there are four currently sanctions pot shops in Monterey County, the map shows.

Individuals may possess up to one ounce of pot at a time.

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3 Comments about “California adults now free to buy marijuana”

  1. SLOBorn says:

    I really never saw this day coming, I didn’t! Not in my lifetime anyway.

    It’s still not completely legal though, and Jeff Sessions past attitude about cannabis still leaves the door open for federal intervention. I just hope the bi-partisan support legal cannabis now has with our federal representatives means we can get past the ridiculous schedule 1 prohibition and make it just as legal and as available as alcohol is.

    Maybe, just maybe, this will lessen the incidents of alcoholism in this country, as folks realize that there is a non-lethal, less addictive, alternative. Also, as times go forward I think that the medicinal value of this “weed” will make it indispensable in our society, much like the “miracle drug” Aspirin has become.

    1. SLOBorn says:

      Jeff Session’s just spoke… His Justice Department will be “…rolling back the Obama administration policy to not challenge state laws that allow people to use pot for medical and recreational uses.” – USA Today, 01/04/2018

      Oh well, so much for that, huh?! Another religious Southern Republican tryin to keep us in the age of ignorance based on “Reefer Madness” reasoning. Jeez, and I though we had all grown up a little since June 18, 1971 when Nixon gave his infamous “Public Enemy Number 1” speech bringing about the abysmal failure known as “The War on Drugs”. I guess not…

  2. jorge Estrada says:

    How can the IRS be on board if mariguana is federally illegal or do they get a pass on ferderal taxes? When you go to the Board meetings and listen to the pot lobbiest talking tax money to the local governments, patronizing comes to mind but since money is the grease, I’d call it bribery. Maybe we can start with medical insubordination thence modify to the recreational category. As they say, your state of mind is a measure of health too.

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