Hill goes on the attack in lead-up to chairman election


With less than a week left before the San Luis Obispo County  Board of Supervisors elects a new chair,  Vice Chair Supervisor Adam Hill has mounted a social media attack on the three-member board majority.

Hill has gone on the offensive, even though the board and the public have long debated whether or not his behavior should preclude him from receiving the chairmanship. The liberal-leaning supervisor was passed over for the chairmanship last year following allegations from the public and the board that he is a disrespectful bully.

As members of the public rally their allies to fight for or against Hill’s chairmanship in 2018, Hill is posting demeaning cartoons, comments and rhetoric attacking the three-member board majority.

On Saturday, Hill posted a cartoon on his Facebook page that ridicules the conservative board majority, particularly female supervisors Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold. The cartoon, which was created by Russell Hodin and published in the New Times, shows Compton and Arnold kneeling at the feet of Supervisor John Peschong, who is flanked by Mike Brown, of the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB).

“The Unholy Trinity and their Satanic Svengali,” Hill wrote in the Facebook post.

A Svengali is a person who completely dominates a woman, usually with selfish or sinister motives.

“I am deeply offended by the recent political cartoon depicting Supervisor John Peschong with Supervisors Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold on their knees at his feet,” said local activist Julie Tacker. “The cartoon sets women’s equality back 50 years. While these supervisors represent a conservative constituency, none of these elected officials believe women are less than equal at that dias and equally serve their districts.”

Hill also included a quote in his post from Tom Fulks’ Tribune column attacking Compton, Arnold and Peschong.

“Trump’s local Mini-Me minions — Compton, Arnold and Peschong — emulate his governing ineptitude with destructive effect. For this they deserve vigorous resistance as well,” Fulks wrote.

Fulk’s, a political consultant who has worked for Hill, posts a doctored photo of Peschong and Compton on Facebook, again promoting Hill’s assertions that Republican men control their female counterparts.

In addition, Hill has paid to promote multiple Facebook posts that attack the board majority while promoting inaccurate or manipulative claims about board actions.

Hill wrote that the board majority’s approach to marijuana legislation is heavy handed and will result in a shortage of marijuana. He then links his post to an error ridden article on KSBY in which he is a source. For example, the article incorrectly states that “growers must own the land,”  though farmers are permitted to grow marijuana on rental property with the owner’s approval.

At a recent meeting of marijuana growers, only two people in the room raised their hand when asked if they supported an attempt to repeal the recently passed county marijuana ordinance. Several of the small farmer voiced concerns that because of the mass amount of marijuana produced by large corporations, many local growers were unable to sell last years crop, and an unregulated industry would put them out of business.

On Jan. 9, the board is scheduled to select a chair for 2018.

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5 Comments about “Hill goes on the attack in lead-up to chairman election”

  1. T-Bone says:

    If Hill is going to act like a petulant child then in my opinion he should be treated like one and put in another time out from his desired board chairmanship. He’s definitely not doing himself any favors acting out like a spoiled brat.

  2. Myself says:

    Too good to last, hill was bound to spew again, what I don’t understand is why the board hasn’t put a gag on him.

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