Santa Maria police shoot and kill mentally ill man

For the second time in two years, on Sunday Santa Maria police officers shot and killed a suicidal man armed with a knife.

Shortly after 6 p.m., officers arrived at a home onĀ  the 400 block of E. Mill Street where an armed suicidal man was allegedly threatening family members, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. Officers then set up a perimeter around the home and asked the agitated man to come outside.

Armed with two knifes, the man walked out of the house, said he wanted to die and confronted officers, police said.

“The male came out of the home armed with two knives and confronted officers after making suicidal statements,” police said in a statement. “The officers attempted to stop his aggressive actions by deploying a less-lethal projectile which was unsuccessful. The officers were forced to deploy their firearms, which ended the threat.”

The man, whom authorities have yet to identify, died following the shooting. Police have not released any additional information about the incident.

In July 2016, Santa Maria officers shot and killed Javier Gaona, 31, who, too, was armed with a knife and reportedly suicidal. Police shot Gaona 14 times when he ran or stumbled toward them with a knife in his hand.


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