Storm destroys 100 homes in Santa Barbara County

In addition to killing 15 people, the flooding and mudslides destroyed 100 homes in Santa Barbara County Tuesday morning, according to the county’s fire department. Some of the residents of the destroyed homes in the Montecito area remain missing, as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Destroyed homes dot the landscape along San Ysidro Creek near East Valley Road in Montecito,” Mike Eliason, the public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, wrote on Twitter.

Another 300 Santa Barbara County homes were damaged during the storm. In addition, the storm destroyed eight commercial properties and damaged 20. [KSBY]

Search and rescue teams are looking for 24 people who are still missing, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Early Tuesday morning, heavy rains led to mud, debris and boulders sweeping down hillsides and across Montecito. Many people who did not comply with evacuation orders were trapped in their homes.

Oprah Winfrey, who owns a Montecito estate, posted on social media that her property sustained some mud and minor damage but that it pales in comparison to what her neighbors are going through.


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