Supervisor Adam Hill gets verbal lashing, no chairmanship

San Luis Obispo County residents teed off on Supervisor Adam Hill Tuesday morning, possibly swaying the board majority to deny Hill the board chairmanship in favor of Supervisor John Peschong.

Public speakers, 31 in all, asked the board to deny Hill the chair position because of his issues with civility. The speakers ripped Hill for his attacks and threats directed at county resident and public officials with whom he disagrees.

Last week, Hill mounted a social media attack on the three-member board majority. He also threatened to publicly embarrass Supervisor Lynn Compton if he was not promoted to the chairmanship.

However, prior to public comment, Hill said that he was not going to fight for himself anymore.

“I certainly don’t want to fight for me or for any of the petty stuff like chair rotation or committee assignments,” Hill said.

Several members of the public also lashed out at Supervisor Bruce Gibson for enabling and supporting Hill’s bad behavior.

Gibson responded to the criticism by blaming the Coalition of Labor Agriculture and Business for mobilizing the chorus while failing to address the public’s concerns.

Following a brief discussion, the board voted 3-2 to elect Peschong as chair and Supervisor Debbie Arnold as vice chair.

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6 Comments about “Supervisor Adam Hill gets verbal lashing, no chairmanship”

  1. T-Bone says:

    It was very apparent that Adam Hill really had no interest in the chairmanship of the board of supervisors by his antics, that said antics were just a ploy by Hill to show his voter base and the donors to his campaign what a maligned and picked on person he is on the B.O.S.
    I congratulate the board for ignoring him and choosing Mr. Peschong as the board chair.
    Respect to those who deserve it!

  2. Boldguy says:

    Bigger concern is Gibson and his response:(
    Blaming Coalition of Labor Agriculture and Business for mounting a campaign against Hill, rather than acknowledging Hill’s short comings and then thanking the grass roots effort by the public to keep some semblance of order for the Board!
    Shame on you Bruce, kinda of like Harvey Weinstein’s bad behavior not being put in check for decades, many Bruce’s turned a blind eye there too:(

  3. perk o late says:

    Hill goes on a nasty campaign and then claims chair rotation and committee assignments are “petty”…HA!
    Little bully man is getting some well deserved comeuppance.

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