Sheriff releases list of Montecito storm victims

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has released a list of the 17 people confirmed dead in the storm that struck the Montecito area earlier this week.

All of the victims were residents of Montecito. The victims range in age from 3 to 89 years old.

The cause of death of all 17 victims is listed as “multiple traumatic injuries due to flash flood with mudslides because of the recent wildfire,” sheriff’s officials wrote.

The victims are:

Jonathan Benitez, 10-years-old

Kailly Benitez, 3-years-old

Martin Cabrera-Munoz, 48-years-old

David Cantin, 49 years-old

Sawyer Corey, 12-years-old

Peter Fleurat, 73-years-old

Josephine Gower, 69-years-old

John McManigal, 61-years-old

Alice Mitchell, 78-years-old

James Mitchell, 89-years-old

Mark Montgomery, 54-years-old

Caroline Montgomery, 22-years-old

Marilyn Ramos, 27-years-old

Rebecca Riskin, 61-years-old

Roy Rohter, 84-years-old

Peerawat Sutthithepn, 6-years-old

Richard Taylor, 67-years-old

As of Friday morning, five people remain missing, according to an update released by several agencies.

According to authorities, the number of missing persons is anticipated to fluctuate significantly. The sheriff’s office is continuing to receive reports of missing individuals. Many of the cases are promptly solved, but others require additional investigation.

Rescue teams are continuing to search buildings and debris flows for trapped victims. Large amounts of mud and debris are making access and progress challenging.

A total of 1,250 personnel from agencies ranging from local fire departments to the U.S. Navy are participating in the storm response.

Thus far, the storm has destroyed 65 single-family homes and damaged 462. Another 1,500 single-family homes are threatened. Eight commercial properties have been destroyed and 20 have been damaged.

A total of 28 people were injured as a result of the storm.

Numerous roads remain closed, and sheriff’s officials are warning “everyone” to stay out of Montecito. That includes media vehicles, the notice says.