Car goes airborne, slams into second-floor California dental office

A man allegedly driving under the influence of drugs drove his white Nissan sedan into a median in Santa Ana Sunday morning. The car then went airborne, slammed into the second floor of a dental office and became lodged into the building.

Surveillance footage captured the bizarre crash. The surveillance film shows the Nissan narrowly missed hitting a bus after it went airborne.

The driver and a passenger were in the vehicle when it became lodged in the second floor of the building. One person self-extricated while the other was trapped inside the car, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Emergency responders rescued the individual who was trapped. Also, firefighters extinguished a small blaze that broke out as a result of the crash.

Both the driver and the passenger suffered minor injuries. ABC Los Angeles reported the driver was arrested for DUI. He reportedly admitted to using narcotics.

Orange County and Los Angeles County search and rescue teams removed the vehicle from the building.

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