Cal Poly protesters allege rapists are wandering around campus

During a demonstration on Tuesday, Cal Poly student protesters and alleged sexual assault victims denounced the “rape culture” that they say exists on campus and claimed multiple rapists are walking around unpunished by university officials and law enforcement.

Following a “MeToo” march on campus, protesters gathered and listened to speeches from Cal Poly students. Kelsey Zazanis said she was raped more than a decade ago. She also alleged that a male student at the university has victimized more than seven women.

“I know who this rapist is. I met him freshman year. He’s a fourth year right now. I’m not going to say his name because I’m not allowed to do that. I wish Cal Poly expelled him, but he was found not guilty, so this quarter I walk into my chem class and there he is, so I dropped the class because I don’t want to be in a class with a serial rapist,” Zazanis said.

Zazanis said the Mustang News published an article about this “serial rapist,” exposing how he had seven reports against him, all from the same sorority.

“You can bet he’s got way more victims than that because reporting is very rare,” Zazanis said. “You have to start expelling rapists, Cal Poly.”

The Mustang News article Zazanis referenced cited numerous anonymous sources as saying at least seven complaints about the individual had been brought forward to Safer, Cal Poly’s crisis counseling service that also provides education about matters related to sexual assault. The allegations prompted at least one Title IX investigation at Cal Poly, according to the article.

Zazanis and other speakers alleged that rape victims are running into their abusers on campus and possibly in Cal Poly classrooms. The speakers also took aim at San Luis Obispo Police Sgt. Chad Pfarr, who was quoted by the New Times last fall as saying some alleged victims in local sexual assault cases had “conjured up” reports of rape after blacking out drunk.

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