Uber driver charged with serial rape is a once deported illegal immigrant

Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez

An Uber driver who is accused of raping four women in San Luis Obispo is an illegal immigrant who was previously deported back to Mexico, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, 39, allegedly lured intoxicated women into his vehicle, followed them into their homes, raped them and stole valuables from them. At the time of his arrest last week, Alarcon-Nunez was living in Santa Maria and working as an Uber driver.

In 2005, Alarcon-Nunez was deported to Mexico from New Mexico, District Attorney Dan Dow said at a press conference on Monday. Dow declined to disclose if Alarcon-Nunez has a prior criminal record.

After his deportation, Alarcon-Nunez returned to the United States, procured a drivers license and starting driving for Uber.

Alarcon-Nunez would solicit passengers outside parties in SLO that had requested  an Uber driver, police said. He would then collect payments through a Vemmo pay service to disguise his identity.

On Dec. 18, Alarcon-Nunez is accused of picking up another Uber driver’s passengers, driving two roommates to their home and then raping and robbing both roommates.

On Jan. 5, Alarcon-Nunez is accused off assaulting a woman with the intent to commit rape while in the process of a robbery.

On Jan. 14, Alarcon-Nunez is accused of picking up another Uber driver’s passenger, raping the women in her home and the robbing the victim.

Prosecutors have charged Alarcon-Nunez with 10 felonies including rape of an intoxicated victim, assault, burglary and grand theft. He remains in jail with his bail set at $300,000.

Prosecutors believe there are more victims and are currently investigating several other incidents, Dow said.

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5 Comments about “Uber driver charged with serial rape is a once deported illegal immigrant”

  1. slosum says:

    Yup…. just as I suspected. This dude is illegal and this is on the heads of all the “welcoming” and “sanctuary” city supporters. Now go tell that to the innocent young women he savaged.

    1. slosum says:

      Sorry… but just what part of “illegal” do you not understand? Anyone who votes down on this is complicit. You are supporting people who broke laws to get here… at the expense of those who honor the law. And these young women have to pay the ugly price. Get your priorities in order… and stop thinking you have the moral high ground. You are embracing evil while thinking you are so inclusive and loving. I dare you to meet with these women and explain your position. And God help you if it happens to you.

  2. SLOBodan says:

    This does NOT build my trust in Uber. How hard do they investigate to qualify their drivers? I could guess this guy had phony ID, but we put our trust in Uber to protect our safety!

    1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

      You do have to ask yourself, How many drivers does Uber have? and we now have one story about a bad one. We are always told when we hear about a bad cop who shoots a innocent person that it was only one bad apple and to not judge the whole group by the actions of one. I am more interested in what Uber does about it now that they know they have a problem. When there is a bad cop, police protect the group, give the bad cop a slap on the wrist and do their best to cover it up and act as it is nothing. Lets hope Uber does better.

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