California bill requiring abortion pills at universities passes Senate

A bill that would require public universities in California to make abortion medication available on campus passed the state Senate on Monday.

Abortion medication consists of two doses that a woman must take before she is 10 weeks pregnant. Currently, campus health centers refer students to off-campus abortion clinics for such services.

Senate Bill 320, introduced by Sen. Connie Leyva (D-Chino), would mandate University of California and California State University campus health centers to provide abortion medication and administer it on campus by 2022. However, the requirement is conditional upon private donors contributing funds to launch the program.

The CSU system has expressed concern over the bill, saying its health center staffs may not have a level of expertise needed to administer abortion medication. Supporters of the bill have argued that forcing students to leave university campuses in order to terminate a pregnancy can cause needless emotional, education and financial problems.

On Monday, the state Senate passed SB 320 on a 25-13 vote. The bill now moves on to the Assembly.

If SB 320 were to become law, California would become the first state in the country to require public universities to provide abortion medication.

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3 Comments about “California bill requiring abortion pills at universities passes Senate”

  1. Greg565 says:

    Tragically, the Senate passed this wrong headed bill. State Senator Leyva used the words ‘safely end her pregnancy’ in a recent tweet. A more truthful wording would be ‘safely destroy the human life growing in her womb.’ Of course putting those words together shows the ridiculousness of the senator’s position. The California Democratic Party appears intent on forcing public institutions to act on the false claim that the growing life in the womb is not human, and has no rights. Science proves otherwise, and justifying the added burden on public institutions with claims to be concerned about the health of women ring more and more hollow every day.

  2. Boldguy says:

    This is Kalifornia, why stop there, it should include third trimester abortions too, free of charge of course!!!

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