Guadalupe teacher resigns after charge of lewd act in Cal Poly library

A 35-year–old junior high school teacher resigned from his position at Kermit McKenzie Junior High after being charged with committing a lewd act in the Cal Poly library.

The incident, which occurred last October, has been described by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office as a “solo act.” Prosecutors say there were no victims, only one witness.

Prior to his resignation, Ungricht was a 6th grade science teacher at Kermit McKenzie Jr. High. He was also a graduate student at Cal Poly. It is unclear is Ungricht is still enrolled at the university.

After Ungricht was arrested and charged, the Guadalupe Union School District placed him on administrative leave. The district then launched an investigation, though it released a statement saying there was no evidence suggesting Ungricht’s conduct involved Guadalupe schools or students.

Last month, the school district accepted Ungricht’s resignation during a board meeting.

The criminal case against Ungricht is ongoing, and he is due back in court next week. If convicted, he faces a maximum punishment of one year in county jail.

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