Oceano Dunes to close 20 acres to off-road vehicles

After listening to testimony of proponents and critics of State Parks five-year plan to control dust from the Ocean Dunes, the California Coastal Commission approved plans to close 20 acres to off-road vehicles and to install more wind fencing.

Dressed in red, Nipomo Mesa residents supported increased efforts to reduce dust blowing from the dunes including limiting the number of days the park is open to off-road vehicles. Several residents spoke of ongoing health issues they believe are caused by vehicles kicking up sand.

Dressed in blue, off-road vehicle enthusiasts and some local business owners opposed the five-year plan. Proponents of the off-road park argued that the plan will not stop wind from blowing sand from the dunes onto the Nipomo Mesa. Others voiced concerns over the negative economic impact reduction of the dunes could have on the county.

It is estimated the park’s total yearly economic impact is about $171 million, according to a study commissioned by State Parks.

After listening to public comment, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved the first steps of State Parks’ five-year plan to control dust from the Oceano Dunes.

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3 Comments about “Oceano Dunes to close 20 acres to off-road vehicles”

  1. jorge Estrada says:

    Just curious about who is on the payroll during their efforts to close vehicular traffic on the dune and who is being paid for their efforts to keep the dunes open to vehicles?

  2. Boldguy says:

    The Beach is for all citizens to enjoy, the Dunes have been a wonderful resource for vehicle use forever. Now we have the Nimby contingent move here and want to take away vehicle use. Like those folks that buy a house next to an airport then fight to get the airport shut down.
    The Central Coast is becoming a mere shadow of it’s former self, the rugged individualists that made it a friendly and welcoming place is being displaced with the big city mind set the many came here to escape, only to bring it with them:(

  3. perk o late says:

    What are they going to complain about when the vehicles have all been banned from the beach and the wind STILL blows?

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