Santa Maria parents yank kids from school after social media threats

In the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, two Santa Maria High students posted threatening images on the social media platform SnapChat, prompting parents to pick up an estimated 300 students from the northern Santa Barbara County campus on Friday.

On Thursday, a ninth grade student posted a screenshot on SnapChat referencing Wednesday’s shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Just wait until that same headline comes up on your mom’s television one day, but it’ll have Santa Maria High School instead, and well over 500 dead,” the post stated.

Later, a 12th grade student circulated an image of a handgun with the caption “Fuck it!” Police determined the firearm was a BB gun replica pistol.

The images circulated on social media and spread throughout the community. Starting Friday morning, parents arrived at Santa Maria High School in order to remove their children from the campus. A line of parents quickly formed outside the high school.

After receiving reports of the threatening images, Santa Maria police interviewed both of the students. Police opted not to make any arrests for criminal threats.

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District officials are planning on disciplining the two students.

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