San Luis Obispo considering allowing three pot shops

San Luis Obispo’s city staff is recommending that SLO allow up to three brick and mortar marijuana dispensaries under new pot regulations that are currently being drafted.

If the regulations are passed, the city of SLO could become the first jurisdiction in San Luis Obispo County to permit recreational marijuana dispensaries. Proposed pot regulations outlined by city staff call for allowing both medical and recreational marijuana to be sold at storefront locations. The pot shops would have to be 600 feet away from schools and 200 feet away from residential neighborhoods.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo City Council will hold a hearing in which staffers will present the regulations they are proposing. The council will provide input, and the marijuana regulations are expected to proceed to the city planning commission before returning to the council in May.

In addition to proposing up to three dispensaries, city staff is recommending San Luis Obispo allow 70,000 feet of indoor marijuana cultivation. No outdoor commercial marijuana grows would be permitted under the initial regulatory proposal.

City staff is also recommending permitting non-volatile manufacturing of pot products.

The city plans to institute a vetting process for marijuana business operators. However, staff is also recommending that the city contract a consultant to process applications and create a list of eligible pot business operators.

If the San Luis Obispo council ends up adopting an ordinance permitting pot shops, it will become the third city in the county to do so since the passage of Proposition 64, the state’s marijuana legalization measure.

Last year, the Grover Beach City Council approved an ordinance allowing for two pot shops to open. Grover Beach’s council then amended the rules so that a total of four brick and mortar dispensaries will be allowed in the South County city.

The Morro Bay City Council then followed suit and adopted an ordinance allowing two medical marijuana dispensaries to open. Neither Grover Beach nor Morro Bay has approved the sale of recreational marijuana, but both cities have indicated they are open to the possibility.

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2 Comments about “San Luis Obispo considering allowing three pot shops”

  1. perk o late says:

    The process by which Grover Beach selected those who will receive a permit appears to be based on kickbacks. Shoals = corrupt!

    1. obispan says:

      Ya think?!? No s**t Sherlock. And the choosing of the 3 will be done by the same process as the City uses to choose to whom they gift taxpayer-owned City land for development (Copelands=Jan Mark) instead of selling it to the highest bidder for fair market value. The prospective weed shop owners will be kissing Heidi Harmon’s ass (with their checkbooks… please don’t flag).

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