Paso Robles woman wins $70,000 on Wheel of Fortune

Barbara Macgregor

A Paso Robles woman who has been watching Wheel of Fortune for 40 years and is part of a family with six generations of followers of the game show emerged as the winner in an episode of the popular program that aired earlier this week. [KSBY]

Barbara MacGregor won more than $70,000, with $50,000 of the winnings coming in the bonus round. MacGregor’s winnings include trips.

After MacGregor guessed the final puzzle correctly, an envelope was opened to show her how much she won. At that point she almost fainted, MacGregor said.

On Monday evening, MacGregor watched her Wheel of Fortune episode at the Paso Robles Inn alongside a cheering squad.

MacGregor tried out five time before making it onto the game show. If given the chance, she would love to play Wheel of Fortune again and donate her winnings to charity, she said.

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