Fareed and Carbajal delve into Soros Nazi controversy

Justin Fareed

In the aftermath of Congressman Salud Carbajal receiving a campaign contribution from the son of billionaire financier George Soros, Carbajal’s reelection campaign and challenger Justin Fareed are clashing over the allegation that Soros was a Nazi collaborator.

Late last year, Carabajal received a $1,000 donation from Jonathan Soros. Fareed’s campaign alleged Jonathan Soros is a front man for his father and then attacked George Soros in a pair of fundraising emails, before, at least in part, retracting the allegation that Soros collaborated with the Nazis.

“George Soros, the patriarch of the family, had funded $18 billion dollars towards 527 left wing and socialist political organizations. He began acquiring his wealth during the Holocaust, on the backs and at the cost of millions of innocent victims’ lives as a Nazi collaborator. Then later in life he bankrupted millions of retirees and almost broke The Bank of England — this is the ilk supporting Salud Carbajal,” Fareed’s campaign stated in an email to supporters.

The Fareed campaign continued the attack in a separate email.

“We’re up against deep-pocket ultra-left donors like the Soros family — and they’re writing big checks to Salud Carbajal in an effort to bank roll his campaign.

“Soros was a Nazi collaborator and self-proclaimed socialist who spent more than $18 billion influencing elections all over the world. His horrendous past was spelled out in his own words in a 1998 interview on 60 Minutes, wherein he expressed no remorse in his part, confiscating property from holocaust victims and aiding efforts of Adolf Hitler.”

Fareed’s emails referenced video footage on YouTube of a 60 Minutes interview Soros gave in 1998 in which he made seemingly conflicting statements about allegedly participating in the confiscation of property from the Jews in Budapest, Hungary.

When asked if he went out and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews, Soros replied, “That’s right. Yes.”

Soros then said it was not at all difficult to do so, and he had no guilt about the situation.

However, at another point in the interview, Soros seemed to indicate he did not participate in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

“It’s just like in markets, that if I weren’t there – of course I wasn’t doing it – but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow,” Soros said. “Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator. The property was being taken away. So I had no role in taking away that property, so I had no sense of guilt.”

Soros was born Jewish, and he took on the identity of a Christian to survive the Holocaust in Hungary. In the 60 Minutes interview, Soros said he is not religious and does not believe in god.

The Fareed campaign emails drew rebuke from Carbajal’s campaign, as well as local media, alleging Fareed was spreading a debunked claim that Soros collaborated with Nazis. Fareed responded with an email to supporters stating he looked into the matter further and said Soros’s record is disputed, but he retracts the allegation.

“After looking into the matter more closely, I realized that this aspect of the Soros record is disputed and controversial,” a campaign email said. “On that basis, I retract the allegation and will let you draw your own conclusions about it.”

Fareed is currently running for the 24th congressional seat for the third consecutive time. In 2016, he lost the election to Carbajal, who is currently in his first term in Congress.

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  1. obispan says:

    Fareed has never held a job. Why is this useless dildo back again? I could easily be persuaded to vote for a Republican over Carbajal, just not this one.

    1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

      If we were to not allow someone to hold a political office because they “never held a job” right now over half of Washington would be out of a job and much of Sacramento. Many past people would also fall into your category, including past presidents.

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