Plane crash lands near Paso Robles airport

A plane experiencing engine trouble crash landed near Paso Robles airport Tuesday evening, and the two occupants of the aircraft walked away uninjured.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m., the single-engine Piper aircraft took off from Paso Robles airport following a brief layover from the Bay Area. A student pilot was in control of the plane when it experienced engine failure for an unknown reason prior to reaching full altitude, according to a city of Paso Robles news release.

A flight instructor, who was the other person onboard the aircraft, took over control of the plane in attempt to return and land safely at the airport. The pilot maneuvered the gliding aircraft away from homes, power lines and traffic, but fell short in his attempt to reach the airport.

The plane landed upright in an agricultural field just south of Dry Creek Road. The aircraft sustained moderate damage, and it did not release any contaminants into the environment.

Cal Fire, Paso Robles police and the Paso Robles Airport manager provided assistance at the scene of the crash. Officials notified the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety board about the incident.

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