Adam’s at it again

Supervisor Adam Hill


Less than a month after blaming his obscene tirade against Mark Burns on his alleged suffering from depression and his taking a leave of absence to get help for his so-called condition, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill returned to his position with a vengeance. Apparently he found a cure in record time.

But in observing his performance at the March 6, board of supervisor’s meeting, Hill’s right back being his old obnoxious self and maligning his fellow members of the board. Just as I thought he took a time-out to hide behind a contrived affliction, only to return to his same old self when the dust died down.

His votes that day at the board on the groundwater issue and the Trilogy appeal were the height of irresponsibility. Voting to give away county control over the North County’s groundwater resources to a few rich plutocrats was one thing, but voting to uphold a NIMBY appeal to reverse long held government approvals for the Trilogy project that had already paid nearly $30,000,000 in fees and improvements was quite another.

Had he succeeded in getting the board to side with his zany votes, it would have resulted in a massive lawsuit by Trilogy to recover its costs that the county would have lost, not to mention the loss of supplemental water to the Nipomo Mesa. Add what that cost could have been to the nearly $10,000,000 county award to the contractors of the Los Osos Wastewater Treatment Plant for charges Bruce Gibson verbally authorized without the legal paperwork. Now that’s depressing!

Then he had the unmitigated gall to decry Lynn Compton’s voting against the NIMBY appeal because she received a campaign donation from the Trilogy sponsors, only to have Compton justly retort with the fact that Hill received donations from Trilogy too. How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black!

Knowing that his votes would not prevail, Hill’s positions were nothing more than political theater designed to harm a fellow supervisor who has been more effective than him.

So Adam, were you really suffering from depression or was it all a ruse? I think we already know the answer to that. But now that you are back, it is the rest of us who are really suffering from depression.

Mark Burns, would you please fire up and circulate those recall petitions now?

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  1. William J Sidis says:

    Don’t waste time with a recall effort. It has been known for years what a jerk Hill is and his district votes him back in anyway. Last year they could have had Dan Carpenter but chose Hill. That just shows how intellectually bankrupt they are. They will vote him in again.

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