Paso Robles High students fight after gun rallies

On the same day that both pro- and anti-gun control demonstrators marched on campus, a group of Paso Robles High School students traded blows in a fight allegedly prompted by racial slurs that may have involved rival protest groups. Nonetheless, the Paso Robles school district claims students expressed their views peacefully. [KSBY]

During a planned break from class Wednesday morning, some Paso Robles High School students participated in the nationwide 17-minute walkout to protest gun violence. A rival pro-gun demonstration also occurred on campus. An image posted on social media shows pro-gun demonstrators carrying a Gadsden flag and a sign stating “black rifles matter.”

Then, during lunchtime, at least one physical altercation occurred. Limited cell phone footage that has surfaced shows students physically clashing and staffers attempting to separate them.

Paso Robles Unified School District Superintendent Chris Williams stated in a message sent later Wednesday to parents that the demonstrations proceeded peacefully and an unrelated incident occurred during the lunch break.

“Students provided multiple viewpoints in a peaceful manner with a high level of maturity, without incident before returning to classes as scheduled,” Williams said. “Unfortunately, we had an unrelated incident during the lunch break. This incident was not in connection to the assembly, student-led activities or any political stance. The incident was resolved immediately and the student were disciplined within the guidelines of Ed Code.”

However, one student said the lunchtime fight involved members of the pro-gun group.

Another student, Angelica Lewis, said racial slurs led to the fight starting. Lewis also said that fights are constantly occurring at Paso Robles High, and they are usually over race.

Additionally, a teacher who helped break up a fight Wednesday said she heard there were other similar fights that broke out, though she did not witness them firsthand.

Williams said in his letter to parents that students enjoyed a safe platform to express their viewpoints on Wednesday.

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  1. perk o late says:

    To the student who authored the caption at the bottom of the photo, please stay in school.
    …Riffles, lifes, they fighting…

    I’m literally crying.

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